Monday, June 19, 2017

Dwayne Winseck Wins Graduate Mentoring Award

Assistant Professor of Communication Dwayne Winseck.

Assistant Professor of Communication Dwayne Winseck was one of seven Carleton University professors who won a Faculty Graduate mentoring Award from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs in 2017.

Professor Winseck is the director of the Canadian Media Concentration Research Project and is a researcher with the International Media Concentration Research Project. His research on media, telecom and internet issues has been cited in both scholarly literature and in Parliament, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and others. He is active on Twitter, using the Twitter handle @mediamorphis, and writes a blog called “Mediamorphis,” as well.

He was nominated for the Graduate Mentoring Award by his students. The following are excerpts from their nomination letters:

“As an internationally recognized expert in the field of political economy of communication, Professor Winseck is a top-notch scholar and offers great guidance in directing my master’s thesis. He always goes the extra miles in reviewing my thesis and other academic works, providing very detailed feedbacks and comments.”
“He not only inspired me of his excellent academic experience, but also reduces my loneliness and pressure in a foreign country. Moreover, he actively connects me with his previous students, each of whom remains close relationship with him and helps me expand my academic networking.”

“Dwayne’s fervor for the media industries, media policy and the political economy of communication is infectious and he is renowned throughout the department for his incredible work ethic as well as the high bar he sets himself to.”

“Dwayne has many characteristics that deserve recognition, but if I had to identify one distinguishing feature it’s that he has a bona fide and selfless interest in sharing knowledge, in encouraging other peoples’ scholarship, and for recognizing and kindling passion for knowledge in everyone he meets.
The prospect of working with a “Winseck”-type professor entices me to explore academic routes down the road, in hopes that one day I may work with someone who exhibits the exceptional qualities Dwayne possesses.”

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