Rosemary Barton, the Host of CBC’s Power &Politics, delivered the 25th Annual Dick, Ruth and Judy Bell Lecture at Carleton University’s Richcraft Hall on March 27, 2017.

Even in front of a crowd of  350 people, Rosemary Barton was able to create a connection with the audience as she shared opinions, reflections and confidences about her 13-year career at CBC Television.

Not surprisingly, she touched on the 2016 U.S. Election and the role of the media. Her advice? “Follow the news outlets you don’t like.”

“I need to be reading Brietbart and Fox News because it’s my job to know what everyone is saying, not just the CBC,” explains Ms. Barton, who credits journalistic myopia for the inaccurate predictions before the election. “Some people say we shouldn’t give airtime to certain views, but we need to call them out. I’m here to challenge them.”

Ms. Barton also hosted a lengthy Q&A session in which students asked her for career advice (start somewhere small) and about the future of journalism.

“Journalists always find a way. Even when they are encountering roadblocks, they find a way to get around them,” she said. “Journalism is becoming more relevant, more resilient, and ultimately more welcoming for people who are looking for answers.”

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