crowd at Dean's Honour list reception

Hundreds of students and professors, staff members, parents and friends gathered for the 2016-17 Dean’s Honour List reception, held in the Richcraft Hall Atrium on January 29, 2018. The event recognized students who achieved a GPA of 10.0 or better in the 2016-17 school year.

“This event is one of the highlights of our academic year because it gives us a chance to celebrate our fantastic students in the Faculty of Public Affairs,” said Dean André Plourde in his remarks. “Their efforts have helped them achieve success in their academic studies, and I have no doubt that success will follow them into the future.”

Dean Plourde chatting with a student's family.

Dean André Plourde talks with students and parents.

We asked our Dean’s Honour List students (and their parents) to describe the secret to their success and for their highlights from the year. Here are just a few of their answers:

Jessica Dumont, Criminology (2nd year)

Jessica Dumont poses with her mother, Charlene Blais.

 She has a lot of perseverance. She sets goals for herself and then goes for them.

Ayael Alqarni, Political Science (4th year)

Ayael Alqarni (right) poses with her sister, Afnan.

As an international student, it was hard to find support when my family wasn’t with me. But I met a lot of great people here who are like my family now.

Madeline Tater, Law (4th year)

Madeline Tater poses with friend Kiran Heble.

I consciously try to maintain a balance between school and the other aspects of my life.

Kasey Kirkup, Journalism and Law (2nd year)

Kasey Kirkup poses with her mother, Colleen.

I have a list of priorities. Sometimes that means not going to the party.

Jake Robillard, Communication and Media Studies (4th year)

I’ve been fortunate to have a group of supportive people behind me—family, friends and professors.

Lui Xia Lee, Journalism (3rd year) and Selene Tan, Journalism (4th year)

Lui Xia Lee poses with Selene Tan at the reception.

Lui: My favourite part of the program is the discussion and the opportunity to ask questions. 

Selene: The best part has been getting to meet people from all over the world. 

Sam Turgeon-Bralazo, Bachelor of Public Administration and Policy Management (BPAPM) (3rd year)

Maheep Sandhu, Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) (2nd year)

Sam Turgeon and Maheep Sandhu at the Dean’s Honour List reception.

Sam: I work in Parliament and I can envision how this degree applies to the real world. It’s really motivating.

Maheep: I like how we can specialize in one subject—refugee policy and immigration—and still receive such a broad-based education. 

Maryana St Hiliare, Bachelor of Social Work (´17)

The Carleton library has so many resources: I made it my home.

Mark McGovern, Journalism (2nd year)

It’s definitely challenging, but I try not to lose my momentum. You have to stay busy all the time.

Amos Vang, Law and Legal Studies (4th year)

Amos Vang poses with his parents, Quan and Larry.

Amos: I make sure I get nine hours of sleep every night.

Larry: He’s a very self-managed guy.

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