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Alexandra Dauncey-Elwood

The Faculty of Public Affairs is pleased to recognize three recipients of the Mitacs Globalink Research Award, which supports students who go abroad to conduct empirical research alongside an international faculty member. Political Science student Alexandra Dauncey-Elwood will be working on her master’s thesis in Roskilde, Denmark; NPSIA student Andréas Tibbles will be working with a professor in Shanghai, China; and NPSIA student Jennifer Lee will be conducting research in Haifa, Israel.

“This is an amazing opportunity to put our research skills into practice and learn from experts in the field, while immersing ourselves in a new culture and country,” says Alexandra Dauncey-Elwood, a master’s student in the Department of Political Science whose research is on student mobility. She will be studying under the guidance of Dr. Shahamak Rezaei, a leading scholar at Roskilde University. “I am excited to not only study international students and their transition to post-graduate work and permanent residency in Denmark, but be a part of the international education process during my time there.”

Jennifer Lee

Andréas Tibbles and Jennifer Lee, students in the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, will also be going abroad. Lee will spend three months in Haifa working closely with Dr. Rebeca Raijman, a leading expert on labour migration.

“It’s a really interesting opportunity to look at how Israel manages to grow and innovate by using (not only) Jewish migrant talent, but increasingly foreign and non-Jewish talent,” says Lee. “I was previously studying in the STEM sector myself and became fully aware of how Canada and many other countries depend on foreign talents in many sectors.”

Her colleague Andréas Tibbles will be heading to Shanghai, China.

“I’ll be conducting research on how Chinese returnees and international migrants contribute to the booming economy in China and Shanghai,” says Tibbles, who is fluent in Mandarin. “I am grateful for the opportunity to conduct field research with a leading scholar on knowledge transfer and economic development, Dr. Yejing Huang.”

Andréas Tibbles

Migration for Innovation Project

All three scholars are studying global talent mobility and innovation under the guidance of their supervisor, Martin Geiger, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and EURUS. They are active collaborators on the Migration for Innovation research project, funded by Geiger’s Ontario Early Researcher Award, which will provide additional funding, allowing them to publish and present their research outcomes.

“This fascinating research initiative examines how technology clusters around the world are competing for global talent and focusing on high-skilled migrants with skills and degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM),” explains Jennifer Lee.

The students are also participating in a workshop entitled, “Canada, Asia and Europe in the Global Competition for Talent” on the Carleton University campus in July, which is supported by Geiger’s Early Research Award funding.

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