sam poses next to a bee box

Sam Davidson poses next to one of her bee boxes.

Beekeeping program began as a Carleton University Undergraduate Research Opportunity (CUROP).

Social Work graduate student Sam Davidson was recently featured on CBC Radio, describing her beekeeping program for inmates of the Collins Bay Institution In Joyceville. The project began in the summer of 2018, when Davidson was an undergraduate funded by CUROP.

“The prison supplied the jackets and I supplied the bees and all of my beekeeping books,” says Davidson. “The guys were very keen: they read the books cover-to-cover and came with questions every week.”

Davidson went on to complete her field placement at the Youth Now Farm in Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, a working farm that offers a supportive environment for underprivileged youth. She then returned to Collins Bay Institution to run the summer program again.

“I’m really interested in continuing to learn about the ways social work and agriculture can intersect,” she says, adding that the CUROP experience helped her strengthen her research skills. “I encourage students to apply for CUROP. If you have a passion, it can help you realize your ideas. I’m very thankful I had this opportunity.”

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