Two Faculty of Public Affairs students have won 2019 Provost Scholar Awards. Valued at $1000, the award recognizes undergraduate students who “have demonstrated outstanding achievements in research, community engagement, immersive learning and/or international activities.”

As described by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the winners are:

Zaynab Al-Hemed, Social Work

Zaynab is a third-year Social Work student with Minors in Disability Studies and Philosophy who works as a Research Assistant with the Geography and Cartography Research Centre and with Prof. Redmond on Colour Commentary. She serves as Lead Researcher on two of her own projects and heads a research partnership with Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization.

She works as a Disabilities Counselor at Andrew Fleck Children’s Services and as a Metacognitive Educational Student Support Facilitator with Carleton’s Paul Menton Centre. She is also the Membership and Communications Officer for Youth in Care Canada and the President of Carleton’s Social Workers of Colour Association. She is also a Student Navigator at Elisabeth Gruyere Hospital, an Achievement Center Youth Mentor, and a Youth Coordinator with the Findlay Creek Community Centre.

She devotes a lot of time and energy to supporting community organizations committed to social justice. Zaynab is described as a true scholar who devotes her time and effort to making Carleton and Ottawa a better place to work and live. She has a deep intellect and a natural curiosity, which she applies to societal justice and social work practice debates in the classroom.

Allysa Czerwinsky, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Allysa is a fourth-year student in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a stellar track record, having received many academic accolades during her undergraduate career. Allysa’s diligence and commitment to the Prof. Brown’s research lab is described as unparalleled in comparison to a typical volunteer.

As a result, Allysa is third author on a manuscript that is currently under review. She is extremely passionate and focused in her chosen area of future research, which is understanding why women paradoxically join the alt right movement.

Allysa has completed a student placement at Correctional Service Canada and has worked at Youth in Care Canada. She has devoted considerable time in the community working as a Victim Support Worker with Ottawa Victim Services. Allysa is an intelligent student who is a quick learner and is exceedingly capable of grasping complex scientific literature. She is described as pleasant, professional and well-grounded. She excels at her academics and has considerable experience as a teaching assistant.

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