Peter Andree

Political Science Professor Peter Andrée

Political Science Professor Peter Andrée and Economics Professor Matthew Webb are winners of the 2019 Carleton University Research Achievement Award. The award was established in 1989 to enhance the quality of research and to recognize research excellence.

Professor Peter Andrée‘s project is entitled “Civil Society Engagement in Food System Co-governance.” It stems from his leadership on the Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) partnership research project that has worked with dozens of universities and hundreds of non-profit organization partners across Canada since 2012. This project builds on those connections and “will examine the growing role of civil society organizations in creating and guiding an integrated National Food Policy for Canada.”

Matt Webb poses for a head and shoulder shot.

Professor Matthew Webb

Professor Matthew Webb‘s project is entitled “Cluster Robust Inference With Binary Outcomes.” It will develop statistical tools that will enable people to reliably analyze and compare public policies such as tax changes and subsidies. “These programs often change at the regional level, which makes statistical analysis difficult—largely because the observations may not be statistically independent from one another.”

Professor Webb was named #15 on a list of the Top 100 Young Economists in 2018 by RePEc: Research Papers in Economics.

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