Professor Lynda Khalaf has been awarded a Discovery Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) for research that proposes a new methodology to measuring income inequality over time. She is the first faculty member in the Faculty of Public Affairs to receive an NSERC grant.

Her project entitled “Simulation-based multiple inference problems: theory and application” will receive $20,000 per year over a five-year period.

In her application, Professor Khalaf references research on inequality by Nobel Laureate Simon Kuznets and more recently, economist Thomas Piketty that have “shaken the discipline worldwide.” Her research “aims to develop and validate concrete statistical tools towards evidence-based inequality analysis, building on the fact that inequality measures are multi-dimensional—both conceptually and definitionally.”

Christopher Worswick, Associate Dean (Research and International) for the Faculty of Public Affairs, says the project will offer a step forward in the analysis of income distribution.

“Many people are concerned that income inequality is worsening. This research will enable us to have confidence in our ability to test for change in income inequality over time,” he says. “This grant also demonstrates the Faculty of Public Affairs’ leadership in the areas of statistics, economics, and public policy more generally.”

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