Communication Studies Professor Merlyna Lim.

Merlyna Lim, an Associate Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Journalism and Communication, has received a Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award from the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.

“I am deeply grateful and honoured to receive this award and to join past recipients whom I admired and respected,” said Professor Lim, who is also the founder of the ALiGN (Alternative Global Network) Media Lab and a Canada Research Chair Tier II in Digital Media and Global Network Society.

She was especially honoured to be nominated by her students Kathy Dobson, Scott Dobson-Mitchell, Fleur Esteron, Shaunel London, and Nasreen Rajani.

“Dr. Merlyna Lim is the kind of professor who answer emails from panicky grad students at midnight and on weekends, offers incredibly detailed feedback on our work, encouraging us to push ourselves even further than we ever thought possible. Her faith in us, and her unrelenting willingness to help us shine is what truly sets her apart,” said Kathy Dobson. “She helps grad students write stellar and award winning grant applications, ethics applications, and offers endless opportunities to present our best work. She’s simply the best.”

In return, Professor Lim says she feels indebted to all the students in her life who gave her countless learning opportunities to be a better mentor.

“I am particularly thankful for the graduate students who have nominated me,” she said. “I am humbled by their kindness, generosity, and appreciation.”

Despite her many research accomplishments, Professor Lim acknowledged that mentoring was the most rewarding part of being a professor and a scholar.

“I do think my life is unimportant except for the influence I have on others. This is certainly one of the greatest joys of mentoring, that I am given a luxurious opportunity to make a difference, no matter how little it may be, in others’ life trajectories during their graduate years.”

The annual Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards are granted to fewer than 5% of faculty nominated and fewer than 1% were selected for the 2018/19 award.

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