Law student Peggea Bounda. Photo Credit: Jean-Jacques Ngandu

By Mary Giles

Peggea Bounda, a fourth year student in the bachelor of arts law program in the Department of Law and Legal Studies, has received a scholarship from the Justice for Abdirahman coalition. The inaugural scholarship recognizes outstanding students who have overcome adversity and are advocates for social justice and racial equity.

Bounda says, “I hope to be able to share what I have learned through my experiences with others so they may be able to choose for themselves who they want to be. I believe that every Black youth has enormous potential. Given the proper and necessary tools, they can succeed. We also need to challenge racial inequities to see that success.”

“My goal is to become a lawyer and provide legal services for low-income communities. I hope to show youth that there are many ways of making it out of unfavourable situations and to continue to inspire change in my community.”

Community Voices

The House Podcast is a platform that Bounda co-created to allow Black members of the community to be able to share their experiences. Bounda hosts interviews on a variety of topics including the essential role of mentorship, how upbringing can influence career paths and the struggles faced by single parents and their children.

In one episode, Bounda talks to Madie Joe and Mika LeGacy about not letting the fear of being uncomfortable get in the way of pursuing dreams and how to remain grounded to achieve goals.

The House was created to give people from our communities a voice, to bridge the old and new generation together and to show people — notably the youth — that there is more than one way of making it out of unfavourable circumstances,” says Bounda.

“Through the podcast, we advocate on issues faced by the community, but also accomplish many community-related works, including a candlelight vigil and a basketball tournament honouring a community member who passed away. We also hosted an Instagram Live fundraiser to help the MAKE iT Club create Learn from Home Student Kits for children in Community House neighbourhoods during COVID-19.”

Being Lifted Up and Lifting Up Others

Bounda is a former Enriched Support Program (ESP) student in the Centre for Initiatives in Education (CIE) at Carleton. He has stayed involved in the program as an academic coach, supporting first year ESP students though the one-year transition program. Bounda helps applicants to Carleton develop their potential to succeed at university through assistance with writing, presentations and exam preparation.

“My experience with the CIE is one that I am very grateful for,” Bounda says. “It allowed me to attend university and to create meaningful connections that I probably never would have made. These connections supported me when I was an ESP student and continue to do so, as I am about to complete my university journey at Carleton. If it was not for ESP, I also might not have realized my interest in law.

“Working as an academic coach is great because I get to share what I know with others. Seeing students get a good mark on an essay or an exam that we were working on together really puts a smile on my face and shows that I am indeed making a difference.”

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