Professor Hashmat Khan

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis, but an economic crisis. Learn about the economics of pandemics and new emerging insights from ongoing economic research in the new course ECON 3201, Economic Thought and Policy in Canada.

In ECON 3201, we will explore the relationship between the pandemic and economic activity, the response of households and firms, and the role of public policies and their effectiveness.

We will also study how COVID-19 has transformed the health sector, labour markets, financial markets, trade, and the environment. We will explore these issues within the context of industrialized, emerging, and developing countries.

.Taught by renowned Professor Hashmat Khan, the course is open to any student of first-year standing or higher; prior coursework in economics is not required to take this course.

Listed as ECON 3201 Economic Thought and Policy in Canada at registration [0.5 credits], Fall 2020.

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