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Mary Francoli

As the director of Arthur Kroeger College and a professor of Communication and Media Studies, Mary Francoli’s research has focused on open government and transparency between government institutions and members of the public.

Her latest project, funded by a $225,350 SSHRC Insight Grant, is entitled Determinants of sustainable Citizen-State relationships: A survey of trust, satisfaction and organizational deviances.

It considers the mistrust of public institutions—and public servants—that runs deep in Western culture. In partnership with Jean-Patrick Villeneuve and Giulia Mugellini at the University of Lugano, Francoli is exploring the idea that a citizen’s experience of corruption influences their level of satisfaction with public services. But their perception of corruption— a broad rangeof personal experiences and beliefs—is what influences their level of trust in government.

“This study will collect data on the level of corruption and public sector performance perceived and experienced by Canadian and Swiss citizens,” they wrote in a submission to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). “Canada and Switzerland are interesting cases for such analysis, as countries with low levels of perceived corruption. The results of this research will allow for a comparative analysis. It will provide policy makers with actionable data on perceived and experienced corruption and relational performance by sector, allowing for the development of anticorruption measures.”

Francoli and her colleagues will analyze data collected through two distinct population surveys across 10 Canadian Provinces and 26 Swiss Cantons, focusing on several types of institutions and public services. The survey will be designed to be representative of regional, political and cultural differences.

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