Knowledge mobilization – leveraging the power of academic research to solve critical issues – is a key pathway outlined in Carleton University’s new Strategic Integrated Plan.

For the faculty, students and alumni of the master and graduate diploma programs in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (PNL), the concept and responsibility of knowledge mobilization takes on a broader meaning. They see knowledge as not only generated by academics, but also held by the practitioners and communities working with the issues first-hand.

Acting on that broader understanding of the types and sources of the information needed by those working in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector, they have launched a new online platform.

PANL Perspectives generates and curates evidence-based resources and insights about philanthropy and nonprofit leadership. It aims to inform professional practice, public policy and thoughtful conversations about the charitable sector in Canada. Articles cover aspects of governance, social justice and change, public policy, fundraising and social finance.

Calum Carmichael

Calum Carmichael

“I see the intention behind PANL Perspectives as tied to our approach in delivering the PNL programs,” says Calum Carmichael, the interim supervisor. “Each year we welcome students who are fresh out of undergrad and others who are mid-career. Given that mix, peer-to-peer learning is not just a buzzword – it happens in every class. Sure enough, the academic perspective is important, but so is the experiential knowledge of those working in the sector. We all benefit from listening.”

In other ways, PANL Perspectives reflects the nature of the PNL programs. The participating academics, students, alumni and practitioners are all volunteering their time.  Moreover, the initiative itself was made possible thanks to the vision and confidence of a philanthropist who saw the need for this type of platform and saw the School of Public Policy and Administration, which houses the PNL program, as the best place to host it.

PANL Perspectives is a product of philanthropy. By fostering a more knowledgeable sector, the platform also hopes to produce better philanthropy.

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