By Dan Rubinstein

“This is who I am, this is a problem that I see—and this is what I can do to address it.”

That’s the type of thinking Carleton’s new Innovation Hub wants to encourage from every student at the university.

Although technology and entrepreneurship are part of the hub, which will be based in the soon-to-be-completed Nicol Building, the new home of the Sprott School of Business, it’s open to ideas and participants from all faculties.

Rooted in research, education and outreach, those ideas could revolve around finding a social solution to a technological problem, or a technological response to a social issue. They could focus on policy development within the public sector, on new not-for-profit initiatives, on climate change and sustainability, or on giving Indigenous peoples and other underrepresented communities more agency in the business world.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021 in
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