By Jena Lynde-Smith
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Marc Ellison’s groundbreaking multimedia graphic novel on conflict in the Central African Republic is being released today and Ellison traces the project back to his work as a Master of Journalism student at Carleton a decade ago.

Ellison left lucrative work as a computer programmer to follow his passion for storytelling and joined Carleton’s MJ program in 2011. He deployed his innovative approach to multimedia journalism on a Carleton-sponsored internship in Rwanda and through research on young women who’d been forced to serve as child soldiers in northern Uganda.

“I tend to gravitate towards telling quite traumatic stories, giving the voice to the voiceless. Typically, the voiceless in these scenarios are children,” Ellison said.

Marc Ellison (Tim Finlan, Toronto Star)

Marc Ellison (Tim Finlan, Toronto Star)

“It’s one thing to read about these poor kids having to work in diamond mines but it’s something else entirely to put on a pair of goggles and be standing shoulder to shoulder with these kids in this huge mine, or to be visiting a field hospital in the middle of the dessert or hanging out with street kids in the streets of Bangui,” he said.

Ellison is now a data journalist based in Glasgow for the BBC but has also done a series of graphic novel projects using multimedia techniques to tell the largely forgotten stories of children impacted by conflict.

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