By Joseph Mathieu

For as long as she can remember, Taylor Bogle has wanted to become a lawyer.

At her core is the desire to help others. She has felt it since she was very young, but it really bloomed in Grade 11 when she joined One Voice One Team. The Brampton organization, which empowers and inspires young leaders through mentorship and experiential learning, allowed her to help out with charities such as Habitat for Humanity.

“I think being in that environment made me realize how many people’s stories are not necessarily told,” she says.

“I feel like being a lawyer is a way of advocating for them and to be a voice for those whose voices would otherwise not be heard.”

Taylor Bogle

This April, Bogle will be one step closer to that goal as she completes a Bachelor of Arts in Law and a minor in Psychology. Once she graduates, she’ll take some time to study for her Law School Admission Test and choose a school.

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