Leigh Ann Asare

Leigh Ann Asare, MPNL

In 2021, I began my Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL) program as a special student with minimal experience in the nonprofit sector compared to many in my cohort. Carleton University allowed me to take courses to qualify for admission and improve my professional qualifications. I was in a group with people with immense experience in the nonprofit sector. I was both terrified and yet eager to begin this journey. I knew two things when I began this journey: 1) I wanted to help make an impact, and 2) I wanted to find my place within this new field to make an impact.

There were various specialties within the sector that the MPNL allowed me to explore. I had the opportunity to develop different skill sets from the program, such as program development and fundraising. The beauty of this program is that you are open to exploring your interests. In the end, I was able to find a path that not only allowed me to build capacity within communities; I also found my purpose.

This program has changed my life tremendously for the better. I worked alongside some of the most gifted people, from my peers to my professors. I have learned so much that I can now apply as a Program Development Officer at my current job managing various projects that support Indigenous communities. I am very fortunate to work in a field I am passionate about.

To the new students starting this program — do not give up! Keep going. It will be worth it in the end!

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