Florian Richard, PhD Economics

Studying economics at Carleton has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to develop the skills essential for a successful career in academia, especially in the areas of research and teaching. Through the department’s seminar series and participation in conferences such as the Canadian Economics Association conference and the Canadian Econometric Study Group meetings, I had the privilege of engaging with distinguished researchers in the field, expanding my knowledge and opening up exciting new opportunities. These events, organized by Carleton University, provided a platform for me to interact with renowned researchers and scholars, learn about the latest research trends and developments, and present my own research findings.

I am particularly grateful for the exceptional mentorship I received from Professor Lynda Khalaf, who pushed me out of my comfort zone, nurtured my research skills, and helped me establish a robust professional network. Her unwavering support and commitment to my academic and personal growth enabled me to achieve my goals and paved the way for a transformative educational experience. The knowledge and skills I gained from the program are a testament to the quality of education I received at Carleton, and I am deeply appreciative of the outstanding opportunities that came my way through the mentorship of Professor Khalaf and the university’s programs.

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