Simran Boscoe, Criminology

Simran Boscoe, Criminology

Carleton University was my first choice as the program I wished to join, Criminology and Criminal Justice, had everything I was looking for in terms of choices of courses as well as future opportunities.

However, what I did not expect was the environment and community in Carleton. The people in Carleton are so nice, warm and welcoming, which makes a person feel right at home. The campus itself is so beautiful year-round, with several activities to do. I never realized the number of clubs and societies on campus. There is literally something for everybody.

For me, Carleton became a second home and a place I could explore a variety of different things, meet new people from different cultures and participate in various events. I found that the university is inclusive while also spreading awareness about other cultural and historical events. The opportunities are endless, and I was truly spoiled for choice. Academically as well, there is no lack of study spots in and around campus, and the professors, teaching assistants, as well as fellow students were always willing to help. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about being in large classrooms with no one to turn to, but when I had no other choice and had to seek help, I realized my fears were unfounded. Carleton always offers help to those who seek it!

Carleton will always hold a special place in my heart and I have loved my time on campus. I hope the same rings true for everyone else joining or those who are planning to join Carleton University. After all, university is the place where you can learn so much about yourself and discover new interests. I implore you to make the best of your time and explore the campus and its many opportunities.

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