Who Are We? Where Do We Want to Go?


Whether you are a faculty member, a student, staff member, or part of the community, the Faculty of Public Affairs invites you to help us create a new vision for FPA through our strategic planning process, FPA – A Path Forward. Please choose your affiliation below and take the questionnaire. We look forward to your feedback!

A Path Forward

Twenty-five years ago, the Faculty of Public Affairs brought together academic units working in the areas of governance and civil society. Today, our size and public influence has expanded thanks to our students, our alumni, our academic programs, and our research.

And yet, we are faced with disruptions in our society that we have not seen in our lifetime: the pandemic, the growth of artificial intelligence, and the faltering of public institutions.

Our students are relying on us to prepare them for who they will become in this new world. But first, we must prepare ourselves by asking, who are we in 2023? And more importantly, what is our vision for who we want to be in five and ten years’ time?

Please join the strategic planning committee — Dean Brenda O’Neill, Laurie Jaeger and Karen Kelly (FPA), Sarah Todd (Social Work), and Hashmat Khan (Economics) — in exploring those and other questions as we develop a strategic plan for our Faculty over the next year. We are looking for volunteers to help consult faculty, staff, students, alumni and community stakeholders to collect their thoughts on the future of FPA.

We hope to make this a strategic plan unlike any other. Rather than protecting the status quo, we will embrace the disruptors that are shaking our society to its core and use those challenges to adapt and improve what we do. This is a moment of opportunity — let’s make it our own.

Contact: FPAStrategicPlan@carleton.ca


Raising Our Sights