Where can a degree in Social Work take you?*

The graph under “All Records” shows outcomes from all Social Work alumni we followed. For a focus on more recent alumni, see the graph under “Since 2005.”

Examples of Alumni Job Titles (all records)

Addiction Counselor
Adoption Worker
Alcohol Strategy
Business Manager:
-social service agency
Case Worker
Centre Support Worker
Child Protection Worker
Child Abuse Counselor
Child Services Officer
Client Intake Worker
Client Coordinator:
-nonprofit agency
Community Developer
Community Outreach Worker:
-community health centre
Constituent Assistant:
-provincial government
Crisis Worker
-child services
-home health care agency
-religious diocese
-treatment services
Employment Counselor
Front-line Worker:
-homeless shelter
Gender Specialist
Healing Coordinator:
-indigenous agency
Housing Social Worker
Human Resources
Information Officer
Intensive Support

-military agency
-police service
-social service agency
Medical Doctor
Mentoring Coordinator
Multicultural Case
Outreach Worker
Policy Analyst:
-federal government
-municipal government
-provincial government
Post-Secondary Counselor
Probation Officer
Program Coordinator:
-post-incarceration program
Registered Nurse
Senior Advisor:
-federal government
Settlement Counselor:
-immigrant services
Social Worker:
-community health centre
-emergency services
-federal government
-geriatric rehabilitation
-indigenous agency
-municipal government
-rehab centre
-school board
Union Official
University Professor
Withdrawal Counselor
Youth Worker

Alumni Experiences​

Fireda Ahmed

Chris Brown

Mary-Martha Hale

Natasha Pei

Filip Szadurski

Gilbert Whiteduck

*The information represented in these displays is drawn from databases maintained by Carleton’s Alumni Services. Some degree names have changed over time; current degree names are used here. The information was voluntarily provided by some of our graduates and does not represent a scientific sample of all graduates. Some students in this sample will have also completed other degrees, including at more advanced levels. Individual experiences and outcomes can differ from those represented here.

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