Where can one of these master’s degrees take you?

The graph under “All Records” shows outcomes from all of the alumni we followed in these four programs: MA, Communication; MA, European and Russian Studies; MA, Legal Studies; and MA, Political Economy. For a focus on more recent alumni, see the graph under “Since 2005.”

Examples of MA, Political Economy Job Titles
(all records)



  • banking

Communications officer


  • museum

Policy analyst

Politician/Elected official


Program officer:

  • banking
  • nongovernmental agency


  • federal government
  • nongovernmental agency
  • union
  • university


Trade policy officer

Union negotiator

Urban planner

Youth worker

Alumni Experiences (MA, Political Economy)

Glennys Egan

Glennys Egan

Navsharan Singh

Navsharan Singh

Jane Stinson

Jane Stinson

*The information represented in these displays is drawn from databases maintained by Carleton’s Alumni Services. Some degree names have changed over time; current degree names are used here. The information was voluntarily provided by some of our graduates and does not represent a scientific sample of all graduates. Some students in this sample will have also completed other degrees, including at more advanced levels. Individual experiences and outcomes can differ from those represented here.

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