Emerging Perspectives is organized by the Faculty of Public Affairs and a student committee.

You can reach any of the committee members via fpa-events@carleton.ca.

Student representatives:

  • Arvind Anand (Legal Studies, PhD representative)
  • Ramesh Balakrishnan (International Affairs, MA representative)
  • Nusrat Jahan (Economics, PhD representative)
  • Margaret Janse Van Rensburg (Social Work, MSW representative)
  • Elena Kaliberda (Communication Studies, PhD representative)
  • Madeleine Henderson-Tweedie (Political Economy, MA representative)
  • Alvine Nintai (International Affairs, PhD representative)
  • Kemi Obando (Communication Studies, MA representative)
  • Alyssa Schenk (Social Work, PhD representative)
  • Noah Schwartz (Political Science, PhD representative)
  • Robin Shaban (Public Policy and Administration, PhD representative)
  • Sylva Sheridan (Legal Studies, MA representative)
  • Matt Strathearn (Economics, PhD representative)
  • Heather Toycen (Political Science, MA representative)
  • Patricia Wallinger (Political Economy, MA representative)

Faculty of Public Affairs:

  • Christopher Worswick, Associate Dean, Research and International
  • Kyla Reid, Research Facilitator
  • Cassie Smith, Event and Outreach Coordinator