Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

When: Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
Time: 9:00 am — 10:00 am
Location:Loeb Building, D382
Audience:Faculty, Staff, Staff and Faculty

Bagels and Banter is a monthly opportunity to discuss shared research and teaching and learning topics with faculty members in a relaxed setting. Learn about new topics, teaching methods and potential research collaborations.

Bagels and Banter is open to all faculty members. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their senior graduate students along.

“Cycling, Sadomasochism, and the Sublime” by Ummni Khan & Philip Kaisary is an attempt at experimental scholarship that theorizes authenticity from an embodied perspective.

In our academic world, words like “authenticity” and the “sublime” are to be sniggered at, acceptable only when used to critique their use by another. Allegedly sentimental and essentialist, such concepts, it is maintained, fly in the face of what we know about how ideology and power shape perception.  Nonetheless, in this paper, we are going to fly in the face of such critique.

Philip will consider competitive cycling and its study in cultural and academic materials as a route to the sublime and authentic self-liberation, while Ummni will consider male masochism in the same light.



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