Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

When: Friday, May 27th, 2022 — Saturday, May 28th, 2022
Time: 8:45 am — 4:15 pm

Online. Please register for event link.

Cost:$50 per person/$5 for students - Please contact Stephanie Bourk or Paloma Raggo if you need assistance with the cost.
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Whistleblowing: Policy, Practice and Research: A Virtual Conference

This inaugural conference will take a comprehensive look at the state of whistleblowing in Canada. This conference will expand the conversation and help create an ongoing “community of interest” by bringing together those involved in whistleblowing policy, practice and research. This includes researchers, lawyers, journalists, academics, psychotherapists, unions, whistleblowers, organizational leaders and policy-makers. Harnessing the power of this shared knowledge will help us do better in our organizations for the benefit of everyone.

The two-day, online conference will include topics such as legislation, organizational culture, trauma, practitioner perspectives (media, lawyers, whistleblowers) and a policy forum, and a special keynote address from Lieutenant-General (ret) The Honourable Romeo A. Dallaire.

Target Audiences for the Conference

Those interested in developing safe speak-up and listen-up organizational cultures including:

  • Leaders and employees in private organizations including those managing compliance and regulatory frameworks
  • Leaders and employees in not-for-profit organizations: universities, hospitals, schools and others
  • Government: municipal, regional and federal employers and employees
  • Professional Associations and Unions
  • General public who are concerned about wrongdoing in organizations

Day 1

    • Panel 1: Whistleblowing and the Law – Does the Canadian legal framework offer safety for whistleblowers to disclose concerns?
    • Panel 2: Organizational Culture(s) and Whistleblowing – Cultural contexts – How do they foster or inhibit whistleblowing?
    • Keynote Speaker – Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire 
    • Panel 3: Media and Whistleblowing –  How to get the story out when no one wants to hear?
    • Panel 4: Whistleblowers Trauma and Reprisals – What are the psychosocial consequences of whistleblowing?

Day 2

    • Panel 5: Civil Society Groups and Whistleblowing – What is the state of whistleblowing and civil society organizations?
    • Panel 6: Whistleblowers Stories – What are the consequences of ignoring whistleblowers?
    • Panel 7: The Law and Practitioners Perspectives – What are the challenges in representing whistleblowers?
    • Policy Makers  Forum 


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This event is hosted by the Whistleblowing Canada Research Society

This event is part of FPA Research Series.FPA Research Series