Communication is fundamental to all aspects of life. Our communication degrees will help you navigate your way through today’s media-saturated landscape. You will be empowered to think critically about how we interact with one another, as well as the people and mechanisms that influence and shape the world around us.

Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

A degree in Communication and Media Studies will help you gain critical insight into contemporary life. You will learn to analyze how the media reflects, represents and influences the world. You will also learn how to evaluate, manage, and influence the constant flow of messages that characterizes today’s media environment where digital and mobile media have accelerated the speed and frequency of communication.

Bachelor of Global and International Studies specialization in Global Media and Communication

The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) is a multidisciplinary degree program with international experience and foreign language requirements. Students enrolled in the BGInS specialization in Global Media and Communication will acquire a rigorous understanding about media and communication technologies as engines of globalization. They will explore global media and communication in historical and contemporary contexts, drawing on a range of perspectives that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for working in global and international settings as communicators, researchers, analysts or advocates.

Carleton’s Capital Advantage

Not only is Ottawa home to the federal government, but it also hosts the headquarters for international organizations, nonprofits, embassies and corporations. These offer students a myriad of choices for internships and placements.

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Where can a degree in Communication and Media Studies take you?*

The graph under “All Records” shows outcomes from all Communication and Media Studies alumni we followed. For a focus on more recent alumni, see the graph under “Since 2005.”

Examples of Alumni Job Titles (all records)

Business Owner
-diplomatic service
Communications Advisor:
-health agency
-marketing firm
-media organization
-financial firm
-information technology
-communications firm
-health organization
-media organization
-trade association
-corporate communications
Event Planner
-federal government
-financial institution
-media organization
-polling firm
-trade association
Financial Advisor
Government Advisor
-federal government
-financial sector
-information and technical
-media organization
Marketing Director
Military Professional
Policy Analyst:
-federal government
Seminar Coordinator
Social Worker
Technical Analyst
University Professor
Urban Planner
Web Developer

Alumni Experiences

Graeme Ivory

Kaitlin Wainwright

Jim Watson

Yazmine Laroche

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*The information represented in these displays is drawn from databases maintained by Carleton’s Alumni Services. Some degree names have changed over time; current degree names are used here. The information was voluntarily provided by some of our graduates and does not represent a scientific sample of all graduates. Some students in this sample will have also completed other degrees, including at more advanced levels. Individual experiences and outcomes can differ from those represented here.

Program Information

  • Required Courses: English (ENG4U)
  • Cut off Range: 75-77%
  • Co-op Option: yes

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