Understanding crime in our society is the focus of Carleton’s comprehensive criminology and criminal justice program. This interdisciplinary hands-on degree program looks at the behavioural and societal factors that contribute to crime, as well as the way crime is handled by the legal system itself.

The Bachelor of Arts, Criminology and Criminal Justice allows students to specialize in one of criminology’s primary fields—law, psychology, or sociology—while receiving a strong academic foundation in all of them. This exposes students to competing perspectives and allows them to gain a more nuanced understanding of this complex social issue. Students also benefit from the Bachelor of Arts first-year seminar, in which small groups of students work closely with experienced instructors.

At the same time, you’ll benefit from Carleton’s strong links within the National Capital. Our faculty, instructors and classroom visitors share their expertise from careers in national and international arenas. Plus, dozens of our students are placed in workplaces as part of our highly-successful Field Placement program.

Where can a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice take you?*

The graph under “All Records” shows outcomes from all of the Criminology and Criminal Justice alumni we followed. For a focus on more recent alumni, see the graph under “Since 2005.”

Examples of Alumni Job Titles (all records)

Academic Administrator
Border Patrol Officer
Bylaw Officer
Campus Safety Officer
Clinical Counselor
Communications Specialist
Community Outreach

Correctional Officer
Court Clerk
-community organization
-school board
Criminal Records Analyst
-federal government
-homeless shelter
-university services
-youth services
Emergency Programs

Employment Case Worker
-investigation company
-security company
Financial Professional:
-federal government
-private company
Human Resources

IT Professional
-legal organization
-municipal government
-private firm
-youth services
Military Professional
Police Officer
Policy Analyst:
-federal government
Security Specialist
Social Worker
Technical Analyst
Trial Coordinator
Youth Worker

Alumni Experiences

Elena Davies

Ashley Wamboldt

Summer Lewis

Sue O’Sullivan

Grant Lecky

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*The information represented in these displays is drawn from databases maintained by Carleton’s Alumni Services. Some degree names have changed over time; current degree names are used here. The information was voluntarily provided by some of our graduates and does not represent a scientific sample of all graduates. Some students in this sample will have also completed other degrees, including at more advanced levels. Individual experiences and outcomes can differ from those represented here.

Program Information

  • Required Courses: English (ENG4U)
  • Cut off Range: 75-77%

Work Experience: Field Placement

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