The PhD program in Legal Studies at Carleton University is designed for students with advanced research interests in the interdisciplinary study of law. The Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University has a long tradition, dating from its establishment in 1967, of examining law within its broad social context, drawing on the tools and insights offered by different academic disciplines. The faculty members in the Department of Law and Legal Studies reflect this commitment to interdisciplinarity and are drawn from anthropology, history, political science, philosophy, public policy, sexual studies, and human rights.

The central areas explored in the PhD Legal Studies program are:

– the role of law in the transformation of contemporary modes of regulation and governance at the local, national and global levels;

– human rights, citizenship and global justice in the context of globalization and the shifting terrain of transnational linkages and identities;

– the relationship between crime, law and security.

We welcome applications from individuals with a Master’s degree, which need not be in law or legal studies.  The program is aimed at students with an interest in theoretically informed, analytical study of the law/society relationship.

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