The PhD in Social Work program is designed to prepare social work scholars, educators and researchers for in-depth analysis of social justice and human rights and the underlying structural issues affecting our society. The program aims to equip students to take on leadership positions in universities, colleges, government and non-governmental organizations and to be able to contribute to the development of structural social work theory and practice. The program is ideal for those who wish to teach Social Work or who wish to upgrade their credentials. It is designed to support scholarship that builds on the structural approach and aims to redress social inequities and advance social justice.

Our PhD students develop the critical skills and knowledge to tackle pressing social issues by drawing on current and emerging critical social work scholarship as well as perspectives from related areas of study. We promote values of respect, dignity and the worth of all peoples to assist students in acquiring knowledge, skills, and values to work in diverse and cross-cultural environments and to support the development of social work as a field of critical practice and policy development. These objectives are met through a combination of course work and independent study and research.

The PhD in Social Work program requires full-time enrollment and an interest in working with structural approaches to social work. It is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching, research and leadership in the fields of social work and social welfare.

A PhD Social Work with Specialization in Political Economy is also offered.

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