dhl-logoEach year, the Faculty of Public Affairs honours its best students at the Dean’s Honour List reception. Typically held in the stately River Building Atrium, the reception recognizes those students who have achieved a GPA of 10.0 or better.

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2013-2014 Dean’s Honour List

Adil Skalli

Major: Political Science/Communications, 3rd year

Home: Morocco

“There’s not just one thing I want to do. I want to do everything. I want to teach, to write, to work in development, to work with international organizations. FPA allowed me to discover this world… although I seem to have more questions than answers now.”

Madeleine Le Jeune

Major: Communications, 2nd year

Home: Aylmer, Quebec

“It helped when I got to know my professors. I talked to them during office hours and asked them questions about what we’re learning, rather than just reading the textbook.

Plus, my mother supports me completely.”

Dillon Brady

Major: Criminology, graduated 2014. Working in federal government.

Home: North Gore, Ontario

“I made the Dean’s Honour List every year. It was a lot of hard work. You had to prioritize school over a social life, but I had a group of like-minded friends and we would stay in at night and study together.

Plus, I grew up with my dad always telling me I could do better.”

Bernie Brady: “And he always did!”

Olivia Hoe, Erica Howes, Natasha Grodzinski, Arianna Danganan, Zoe Chong

Major: Journalism, 3rd year

“No sleep and no social life!”

“Texts at 3 am!”

“Lots of coffee!”

“My mom would take me out to dinner.”

“The best part is that we get to talk to really cool people.”

Ayla Moreash

Major: Communications, 2nd year

Home: Toronto

“I really looked forward to some classes because the professors were so interesting and approachable. And with the big research courses, the teaching assistants offered a lot of help.”

John Moreash: “It was a lot of hard work and desire on Ayla’s part. She’s the first person in our family to make the Dean’s list.”