About IPAF 3800

This course supports students to develop and evidence a range of transferable employability skills such as: communication, interpersonal skills and career management/path skills that are deemed essential to achieve successful work transitions and career and life planning. An overarching goal is to provide students with a better sense of how they can use their degree to achieve their career and life goals. The course will introduce students to work-related issues and analytical tools connected to their study discipline within the Faculty of Public Affairs, enabling students to develop a range of transferable skills for work and life. Through the IPAF 3800 course, students will undertake independent and collaborative investigations on job skill needs and requirements, hiring practices, overviews of roles and responsibilities of sector specific jobs, and engage in active-learning strategies, where they will practice applying their transferable employability skills.

IPAF 3800: Course Details

Professor Lorraine Godden describes what students can expect from the course.

IPAF 3800: In Conclusion

More from Professor Lorraine Godden about the course.

What Our Students Say

“IPAF 3800 is a practical and vital course for soon to be graduates as they transition from academia to the world of work. The course helps students to understand the current labour market and how their skills can be applied to future careers. Professor Godden’s passion for the subject matter is reflected in her enthusiastic and interactive teaching style which makes for an enjoyable learning experience.”

Amy Boileau, BA(Hons) Criminology & Criminal Justice

“IPAF 3800 can guide students to find their career pathway. Compared to other academic courses, I would say it is the most useful course in my university life.”

Tianjia Chang, Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies

“IPAF 3800 was extremely enjoyable and interactive. The assignments were hands-on and helped me gain transferable skills for my career goals. Most importantly, Professor Godden was supportive, accommodating and non-judgemental.”

Madison Abraham, Bachelor of Social Work



“I particularly enjoyed the IPAF 3800 class for the interactions and activities we would participate in on a regular basis. It helped me understand some of my strengths and weaknesses in creative ways while also helping me improve on my weaknesses. I just got a job at the Ottawa Courthouse and I am looking forward to beginning a new chapter in my life.”

Megan MacMillan, BA(Hons) Law

“Participating and putting your best foot forward into the class activities is a great way to develop your transferrable skills. This allows students to apply the learning experience not only to workplace situations but also in everyday life.”

Kristal Puguan, BA(Hons) Communication & Media Studies


“This is a very interesting and useful course. You will learn ways to plan your future career and practical skills for finding a job: For example, by using what resources to find a job; How to write a resume and cover letter; How to create your personal profile page, etc.

Importantly, Professor Godden is a very warm and friendly teacher. She always devotes herself to helping students solve problems and is she’s always willing to have conversation with her students, which is what I like the most about this class. Although I have graduated, I have benefited a lot from what I have learned in this course.”

May, Gao, BA(Hons) Communication & Media Studies

Course Information

Open to all FPA students (BGInS, Communication and Media Studies, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics, EURUS, Journalism, Law and Legal Studies, Media Production and Design, Political Science, Public Affairs and Policy Management, and Social Work).

Term: Fall 2021 (Sec. A) and Winter 2022 (Sec. B)

Pre-requisite: 3rd or 4th year standing.

Instructor: Lorraine Godden, PhD, FHEA Instructor II, Career Development and Employability

For information: lorraine.godden@carleton.ca

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