What is IPAF 4900?IPAF 4900 a 0.5 credit course that gives you an opportunity to learn about research by doing it – by working with a professor on his or her research project.   As well as contributing your time to your supervisor’s research project, you’ll be “learning and reflecting” – keeping a weekly journal, for example, or writing a work term report, an essay, or a blog. Every IPAF 4900 project is vetted to make sure that it has clear learning outcomes. Before you decide to apply for a project, you can find out what you will be expected to contribute to the professor’s research project, and what skills and knowledge you will gain.Who is eligible?

Normally only students with a GPA of 9.5 or higher and at least third year honours standing will be considered. Some research opportunities may have additional requirements.  Note: it is only possible to take IPAF 4900 once.

How do I apply?

Applying for IPAF 4900 is like applying for a job. Current IPAF opportunities are listed Current IPAF Opportunities.  Each listing describes how to apply, that is, what you need to submit (for example, C.V., transcript, writing sample) and who you should submit it to.

What are the application deadlines?

There will be three rounds of IPAF 4900 course proposals/applications each year. The application deadlines for students are April 30th (for IPAF 4900 opportunities in the summer or fall term), August 15th (for fall and winter term opportunities) and November 15th (to take IPAF 4900 in the winter or summer term).

When will I know if I’m successful?

Once you’ve applied for an IPAF 4900 opportunity, the professor you will be working with and your department’s undergraduate supervisor will evaluate your application, and those of other interested students. If you’re successful, you will receive an email telling you that you have permission to register in IPAF 4900.

Will I be paid?

No.  You will earn 0.5 units of academic credit in IPAF 4900. Those interested in paid research experience opportunities should investigate Carleton’s I-CUREUS program, offered through the Discovery Centre in the library.

What are my responsibilities as an IPAF 4900 student?

Students are responsible for:

  1. contributing 65 hours over the course of the term to the supervising faculty member’s research project.
  2. keeping a record of meetings with the supervising faculty member, and time spent on the research project
  3. attending any information sessions or orientations that the supervising faculty member may require
  4. meeting with the supervising faculty member on a regular basis
  5. completing the “learning and reflection” course requirements, for example, writing a weekly journal, a short paper, or creating a poster presentation.

Note: At least 50 percent of your IPAF 4900 grade will be based on written work. This includes both written work done as part of the “learning and reflection” course requirements, and written contributions to the faculty member’s research project. You will be given a course evaluation scheme describing the work you are expected to do, and how your grade will be calculated, before registering for IPAF 4900.

Need more information?

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