Katherine A.H Graham Lecture 2018

Dick, Ruth and Judy Bell Lectures

2017 – Rosemary Barton “Why Journalism Matters (now more than ever before)”

2014 – Darrell Bricker “The Big Shift: The Battle between Old Canada and New Canada.

2011 – Steve Paikin “The Personal Price of a Political Life.”

Katherine A.H. Graham Lectures

2017 – Ry Moran “Rights and Responsibilities in a Time of Reconciliation”

 2016 – Paul Chartrand “Canada-Aboriginal Relations: From RCAP to 2016”

2016 KGL Video Screenshot

2013 – The Honourable James K. Bartleman “Aboriginal Canadians: The Struggle To Be Seen As Human”

2012 – Satsan (Herb George) “A New Era in Aboriginal/Crown Relations – A New Frontier for Educational Institutions”

2010 – Mary May Simon, O.C. “The Biggest Social Policy Challenge of Our Time”

Visions for Canada 2042

Keynote Lecture – Kiera Ladner “Reconciliation, Resurgence and Renewal: An Alternative Vision for Canada, 2042”

“A Debate on Reform of the Electoral System in Canada” ft. William Cross, Stanley Winer and David McGrane

The Future of Journalism in Canada ft. Chris Waddell, Sherry Aske, Amanda Connolly, Emily Kennedy, and Matthew Pearson