Project Title: Instructional Methodology and Economics Education

Term: Summer 2016

Supervisor: Simon Power                                                                                                                                                              

Unit: Department of Economics

Description of project: A review and evaluation of instructional methodology used in economics and allied fields. 

Number of students required: Up to three

Research duties: Duties will include contributing towards the development of a detailed literature survey and literature review of aspects of instructional methodology used in economics and allied fields, and in education more generally. This will include searching appropriate computer data-bases in economics, business, social sciences, and education, together with the writing of a fairly high-level overview of aspects of instructional methodology and practice, with special reference to economics education. The approximate number of hours of work per week will be 5, for a total over the term of 65. (NOTE: This assumes that the course will be taken over the full summer term. In the event that the course is taken as either an early summer or a late summer course, the hours of work per week would be adjusted accordingly.)

Learning and reflection activities: Learning and reflection activities will include the keeping of a weekly journal, documenting the work and research conducted, together with reflections on the efficacy of relevant computer data-base search strategies and on aspects of instructional methodology. There will also be regular meetings and communication with the supervisor in order to discuss progress, define and redefine appropriate research strategies, and to reflect on the ongoing research findings.

Learning outcomes: By the end of the course, the student(s) will have further developed their ability to work more or less independently, but under overall supervision and guidance, on a wide-ranging and important research topic, learning how to search the literature carefully and effectively, how to weigh up and assess contributions made in different formats and different fields, and how to summarize and communicate findings clearly and efficiently.

Evaluation Criteria: The primary deliverable will be a carefully-designed literature review (60%) – to be submitted by the last day of classes, together with a weekly journal detailing work and research conducted (20%) – to be submitted by email on a weekly basis – and a presentation of the key results in a classroom setting (to take place prior to the last week of classes – 20%).

Skills or knowledge required: A good intermediate knowledge of the fields of economics, mathematics, and statistics; experience and competence in the use of computers; an ability to write well, to take initiative, and to work independently.

Any required health and safety training: N/A

Other considerations: None 

Application instructions: Participants are selected on the basis of merit and fit with the research project. Please submit a CV, transcript, and cover letter indicating why you are interested in and qualified for this research experience to Amanda Wright (Undergraduate Administrator, Department of Economics). The application deadline is April 30th.  Only students with a GPA of 9.5 or higher and at least third year honours standing will be considered.