Photo of Aishaani Joshi

Aishaani Joshi

Second Year, Criminology and Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Law


Advice for Current and Future Students:

Take charge of your own explorations into spaces/domains that might seem different than the one you’re in and don’t be afraid to connect the dots looking backwards. The person you are as you enter Carleton need not be the same as the person who graduates. Don’t be afraid to explore, fail, adapt, and change. These will be some of the most toughest but rewarding years of your life and it’ll go by faster than you think.


What I love About Ottawa:

One thing I love about Ottawa is the Rideau Canal. In the warmer seasons you can take a nice walk or a jog along the panoramic walkways. While in the colder seasons you can skate on the world’s largest ice Skateway.


Fun Fact about Me:

My dad and I both got our motorcycle license and will be riding our new motorcycles this summer!