Gabriella Pickton

Bachelor in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies


Advice for Current and Future Students:

Get involved on campus! As simplistic as this advice might sound, there’s really no better way (especially as an incoming student or first-year) to make Carleton your home! There are hundreds of societies and groups on campus that fit every possible niche or interest you might have, and so many other opportunities even beyond them to engage with the school community through Greek life, involvement with student government, and so much more. I’d also encourage incoming students and first-years to keep an open mind when considering what activities they want to get involved with. Joining a society or group for an activity that intrigues you (but you have no prior experience with) may seem scary at first, but taking that leap just might be the thing that allows you to develop a new passion or meet life-long friends!

Campus Activities:

During my first year at Carleton, I was lucky to become involved right off the bat with a wide range of activities, such as the sorority Alpha Pi Phi and the United Nations Society, as well as serving as the EURUS B.A. program’s undergraduate representative. This year I will be taking over the EURUS Student Society as President, as well as serving as Carleton Women in History’s Under-Year Representative and my sorority’s Diversity and Inclusion Chair. In addition to these executive positions, I also plan to remain involved with the United Nations Society, take part in the Students as Partners Program for fall semester, and continue to explore other new societies and opportunities as much as I am able to!

My Favourite Place on campus:

It’s definitely a tie between the Ritchcraft Building (the views of the river are so beautiful!) or any of the Starbucks!

Fun Fact about Me:

My favorite singer is Taylor Swift!