Photo of Kamran Azizli

Kamran Azizli

Bachelor in Criminology and Criminal Justice Program with a concentration in Law


Advice for Current and Future Students:

Get involved as much as you can! I know it can be hard sometimes when there are academics and other issues you have to deal with but it is also the best way to make your university experience memorable if you have spare time to spend. Plus, who knows, you might fall in love with one of the places you work in and decide to stay there with those amazing people after graduating.

About Me:

Besides being an ambassador for FPA, I’m a Residence Fellow and an International Student Ambassador. I’ve worked as an Ambassador for the COVID Screening program and as part of the student staff in the MacOdrum Library. I enjoy working out and getting involved in other  sports. My way of reenergizing myself for the next big challenges or milestones in my life is to travel to places and spend time reflecting and having fun doing things I enjoy.

My Favourite Place on campus:

You should definitely check out Herzberg building’s second floor where there are couches, TVs and a quiet ambiance for a nice study place with a view to the Rideau Canal. St. Patrick building’s first floor is also a nice spot where you are sure to be not distracted by outside noises as it is one of the least known or visited buildings.