Photo of Maisie Sturrock

Maisie Sturrock

FPA Ambassador

Third Year, Bachelor of Arts in Law and Legal Studies, Minor in Indigenous Studies

Advice for future or current students:
Never stop doing what you love. University is the place that you meet the people and have the experiences that will likely shape who you are, so I encourage you to be honest with yourself. Whether that be with the courses that you take, the program that you’re in, or the clubs that you’re involved with, always follow what makes you happy.

My favourite place on campus:

Like many of my fellow students, I love the river that we are situated right beside on campus. Regardless of the time of year it’s a beautiful place to take a breath of fresh air and relax.

Fun fact:
In the near future I plan on converting a Mercedes Sprinter van into a mobile home with my partner that we can live out of while travelling the country.