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Winter and Fall 2023 Class Schedule 

  • European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies 2002– Europe and Russia in the World- Monday 8:35-10:25
  • Global and International Studies 1020– Ethnography, Globalization, and Culture- Monday 9:35-11:25
  • Social Work 2203– Social Work Practice: Groups and Communities- Monday 11:35-14:25
  • Political Science 2601– International Relations: Global Politics- Monday 12:35-14:25
  • Political Science 2602– International Relations: Global Political Economy- Monday 11:35-14:25
  • Communications and Media Studies 2600– Communication and Culture- Monday 11:35-14:25
  • Law and Legal Studies 1002– Intro to Legal Studies 2- Monday 14:35-16:25
  • Law and Legal Studies 1001– Intro to Legal Studies 1- Tuesday 14:35-16:25
  • Economics 1001– Intro to Microeconomics- Tuesday/Thursday 13:05-14:25
  • Economics 1002- Intro to Macroeconomics- Tuesday/Thursday 10:05-11:25
  • Journalism 1003– Discovering Journalism- Wednesday 11:35-14:25
  • Social Work 2202- Intro to Social Work Practice- Wednesday 11:35-14:25
  • Journalism 2003- Delivering Journalism: Innovators v. Imposters- Wednesday 13:35-17:25
  • Public Affairs and Policy Management 4099- Policy Seminar- Thursday 11:35-14:25
  • Communications and Media Studies 1002- Current Issues in Communication and Media Studies- Thursday 14:35-16:25
  • Media Production and Design 1002: Intro to Storytelling: Practice – Thursday 8:35-11:25
  • Political Science 2303– History of Political Thought II- Friday 9:35-11:25
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice 1000– Intro to Criminology and Criminal Justice- Friday 11:35-13:25

*Course descriptions below.

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Winter 2023 Spend a Day with FPA Course Descriptions

Communications and Media Studies

COMS 1002 Current Issues in Communication and Media
An exploration of communication and media in relation to contemporary political, technological and cultural issues, with a focus on Canada.

COMS 2600 Communication and Culture
An introduction to the major industries, institutions, regulatory frameworks and key organizations responsible for cultural production in Canada.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRCJ 1000 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
Overview of the field, including the foundational approaches of criminology and criminal justice, crime as an object of study; criminal law and criminality in Canada; (neo) classical, aetiological and social reaction perspectives; alternative criminologies.


ECON 1001 Introduction to Microeconomics
An introduction to the major tools and policy problems of microeconomics. Economic analysis is applied to a variety of contemporary issues such as taxation, pollution, wage determination, poverty, market power, and international trade.

ECON 1002 Introduction to Macroeconomics
An introduction to the major tools and policy problems of macroeconomics. Economic analysis is applied to a variety of contemporary problems such as: saving, investment and interest rates; unemployment; money and inflation; exchange rates; fiscal and monetary policy.

European and Russian Studies

EURR 2002 Europe and Russia in the World
The position of Europe, the European Union, and the Russian Federation in a global context, including geopolitical, economic, security, and human dimensions.

Global and International Studies

GINS 1020 Ethnography, Globalization and Culture
Introduction to the intersection of globalization processes with social and cultural diversity as examined through ethnography and ethnographic methods. Topics may include cultural survival, growing economic inequality, ecological vulnerabilities, health practices, human rights, and shifting racialized, gendered, religious, ethnic, and national identities.

Law and Legal Studies

LAWS 1001 Introduction to Legal Studies 1
Introduction to legal studies: concepts, sources, nature and functions of law; historical, cultural and constitutional foundations of Canadian legal system; common and civil law traditions; statutory interpretation; precedent; legal institutions; frameworks for analyzing formal and informal conceptions of law and its role in society.

LAWS 1002 Introduction to Legal Studies 2
Introduction to legal rules and theoretical approaches for critically understanding the creation, interpretation and enforcement of those rules; the role of judges, juries, lawyers, and lay persons; adjudication and alternative dispute resolution; relationship of law with social change and justice; challenges of access to justice.

Political Science

PSCI 2302 History of Political Thought II
Study of the emergence, transformations, uses, and meanings of modern political concepts such as liberty, legitimacy, equality, rights, sovereignty, authority, and the state through the interpretation of Western political thinkers such as Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hume, Wollstonecraft, Marx, Mill and others.

PSCI 2601 International Relations: Global Politics
Introduction to theories, concepts and issues in global politics. Topics may include conflict and intervention, peace and security, international institutions, norms and ethics, human rights, gender, culture, and globalization.

PSCI 2602 International Relations: Global Political Economy
Introduction to the international political economy. Topics may include contemporary changes in the global political economy, multinational corporations, foreign economic policy, global and regional economic institutions, environmental issues, international development and relations between rich and poor countries.

Public Affairs and Policy Management

PAPM 4099 Policy Seminar
Students address a specific policy problem or problems, in interaction with local, national or international policy experts or practitioners. Emphasis on policy analysis, research, and communication skills.

Media Production and Design

MPAD 1002 Introduction to Storytelling: The Practice
Finding and telling stories in engaging ways using text and basic images. Assignments build basic skills in research, interviewing, writing, storytelling, editing and ethics. How to structure and pitch for publication.

Social Work

SOWK 2202 Intro to Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
Understand and develop skills required for working with individuals and families; active listening; use of self; engagement; rapport-building; interviewing and interventions; empathy; interpersonal and professional collaboration; supervision.

SOWK 2203 Intro to Social Work Practice with Groups and Communities
Introduces students to theory and practice skills for group work and community work; structural social work with groups and communities.


JOUR 1003 Discovering Journalism: Traditional Tales to Tweets
Journalism’s evolution as community creator and guardian of democracy; its greatest scoops and worst misdeeds. From ancient news-sharing to 21st-century expression in blogs, tweets and investigative masterpieces, this course surveys ethical, political and economic contexts of journalism.

JOUR 2003 Delivering Journalism: Innovators v. Imposters
Activists, imposters and innovators increasingly crowd in on traditional journalism’s role of presenting reliable news and fair discussion. How is public awareness now shaped – and misshaped – and how must journalism reshape, update and defend its borders to serve communities better?