By Mary Giles

Beth Martin has been at Carleton as an instructor for the past three years and has already taught multiple courses in the BSW and MSW programs. This year, she joins the School of Social Work as a faculty member in a full-time, tenure-track position. She is also a proud CU alumna, having graduated from the BSW program in 2007. Martin completed her PhD in policy studies at Ryerson University.

She is currently teaching the first-year introductory courses in social welfare and social work for the fourth time. “I love the opportunity these courses provide for students from social work to engage in critical discussions of social work and social justice issues with other students from across the university,” Martin says. “Together with Melissa Redmond, also from the School of Social Work, I am currently writing a paper on experiential learning through in-class candidates’ debates we organized in these courses during the most recent municipal and federal elections.”

Martin’s main research interests are in immigration, especially family separation and reunification policies. She is also involved in research into experiential learning in large policy classrooms, social work in libraries and basic income policies.

Martin’s professional social work experience involves working with immigrants and refugees in Canada and internationally. She has also worked for the Red Cross in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as working with refugees in Germany in 2015.

Beth Martin kayaking on the Ottawa River.

Beth Martin kayaking on the Ottawa River. Photo courtesy of Beth Martin.

She loves outdoor activities and bikes along the canal to campus all year long. She says the commute by bike has evolved as the canal bike path is now maintained much better through winter than it was when she was an undergraduate student at Carleton, making the scenic commute much easier now.

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