By Karen Kelly

What led you to choose a degree in BPAPM?

I came to Carleton as a transfer student from the very large University of Toronto so I remember PAPM’s small program size initially piquing my interest. On top of that, the idea of being a policy student in the policy capital of Canada was very appealing. Policy really touches everything so it felt like the right place to be.

What were the highlights of your experience?

Getting involved in my program’s student society hugely impacted my experience in PAPM. Being able to organize events for my peers was super rewarding, and it also expanded my social circle to students outside of my year and gave me a real sense of belonging in my program. Interning in the Office of Senator Kim Pate while writing my Honours Research Essay on criminal justice reform was also a major highlight.

What did you learn that you found most important?

I came into the study of public policy with a somewhat naive sense of its impacts. During my degree, I quickly learned how many policies intended to solve one problem can collaterally produce many other problems, with these unequal effects often disproportionately impacting marginalized communities. Learning this reality and studying its consequences within Canada’s criminal justice system are really what led me to pursue a career in law.

What’s next for you?

I’m headed to McGill University’s Faculty of Law to complete my BCL/JD.

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