By Karen Kelly

What attracted you to study criminology at Carleton?

I was initially drawn to Carleton’s Criminology program after learning about the program’s interdisciplinary approach. I had a lot of uncertainty coming into university in terms of what I wanted to do in the future. The idea of being exposed to law, sociology, and psychology provided me with a lot of confidence in choosing Carleton. I felt that choosing Carleton would allow me to keep all of my interests as options for my future (i.e., policing, law school, or psycho-legal research).

However, if that was not enough, the decision became an easy one when I learned about the unique field placement the program had to offer.

What were the highlights for you?
Without a doubt, the biggest highlight of my undergraduate experience was working at Hale Criminal Law Office as a field placement student under John Hale. During this placement, I was provided with experiences I never could have imagined receiving as an undergraduate student. Whether it was being responsible for speaking to daily court matters, meeting with clients, or assisting in organizing disclosure on large files, such as murder trials, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my time there.

An additional highlight I had at Carleton was being a Teaching Assistant with the Law and Legal Studies Department during my 4th year. This provided me with a unique perspective on academia as I was able to assist students in areas that I am extremely passionate about.

Was there anything you learned that surprised you?

From my first year and into my final year at Carleton, I found I was continually being exposed to topics that I had never previously considered to be of interest. For example, I found a passion for issues surrounding access to justice, jury decision making, and the occurrence of wrongful convictions. Each of these topics became a focal point for the majority of my research throughout my time at Carleton.

What’s next for you?

This fall I will be starting my Juris Doctorate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Although I am still deciding on an area of law I would like to specialize in, I feel that Carleton provided me with an excellent foundation that will help me narrow this decision.


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