By Karen Kelly

When Lisa Deveau became a constable with the Ottawa Police Service five years ago, she brought a lifelong desire to help people in distress.

“When I started this job, I was looking to develop my counselling skills,” explains Deveau. “We deal with a lot of mental health issues on our calls and I felt I could improve my skills, so the master’s degree was an opportunity for me to develop that.”

Deveau continued to work part-time as a constable while pursuing her MSW. She also opted for two job placements: one at Citizens for Public Justice and the second with the Victim Crisis Unit with the Ottawa Police Service. She says her experience in the School of Social Work influenced her perspective.

“I appreciated the structural approach they use. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to it and it opened my eyes to the core of the societal issues,” says Deveau. “It’s important to see the root of these problems and how everything is interconnected.”

Deveau’s experience at Carleton also attracted the attention of the police superintendent. She was recently promoted to the Respect, Values and Inclusion Unit at Ottawa Police Services.

Officially, she will receive her diploma in November. But she’s already thinking about a PhD, to continue finding ways to bridge the gap between social work and policing.

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