By Karen Kelly

What drew you to Economics?

The multidisciplinary nature of Economics really sparked my interest. There were so many possible topics to study such as finance, public policy, history, international monetary theory, and economic development. Looking at these courses, I couldn’t help but feel as though the world revolved around Economics, so why not study it?

What was your favourite class and why?

My favourite class was ECON4057: Behavioural Financial Economics with Professor Radovan Vadovic! I entered into this class already with a strong interest for Behavioural Economics, having read studies, books, and experiments of prominent economists in the field. Each theory Professor Vadovic taught, or in-class experiment he organized, encouraged us to rethink the way we thought—especially in our decision-making processes. This class is something I will carry with me into my future.

Was there anything that surprised you about the subject?

I was a strong math student before switching into Economics, so I was pleased to see that when I opted for fourth-year Economic Theory courses, they involved extensive math. At the same time, it is very possible for someone to get this same degree without doing any math after first year but instead focusing on writing, problem-solving, and researching. But, any version of this degree involves lots and lots of graphs!

What was your favourite part of your time at Carleton?

This isn’t my first take at an undergraduate program. When I transferred to Carleton in second year, I noticed a strong sense of community that I had not previously experienced. I think this facilitated important connections and guidance from my professors and created lifelong friendships with some of my classmates. I know it isn’t something very specific, but it is definitely something that stood out to me.

How has your degree help you prepare for the future?

Earning my degree has taught me many things but mostly perseverance and teamwork, as cheesy as it sounds. We spent countless hours in the library preparing for the biggest tests or completing the smallest assignments. No matter what, we always put our minds together and worked hard to finish anything we started. This experience is like no other and has helped prepare me for the future in whatever form it may come.

What’s next for you?

I am moving to Toronto at the end of this summer to start a Master of Arts in Economics at the University of Toronto! I have spent the last year working for Statistics Canada so maybe after I graduate from U of T I will restart there, or perhaps I will enter into the private sector. Clearly, I am not sure what is next…although I am excited to find out.

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