Sunny Karim

Sunny Karim

Sunny Karim is a recipient of a 2021 Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

Why did you apply to the MA in Economics at Carleton?

I have worked in several research projects throughout my professional career and I really enjoyed learning about new methods of model building and testing. I realized that I can contribute more to the field with more knowledge in economic theory and methods in economic research. Carleton University seemed like the perfect place given its reputation in economic research, especially in my area of specialization. Carleton’s location in the capital city also provides students with the added advantage of working with federal government agencies.

What is your favourite thing about the program?

Instructors at Carleton encourage group work amongst students in order to capitalize on the benefits of cooperative learning. Truth be told, the Master of Arts in Economics is going to be incredibly challenging for anyone who wishes to tackle it without interacting with their classmates. The group study sessions I had with my classmates not only made learning easy and fun, but also helped create a strong bond between my classmates and me.

What was your favourite experience at Carleton?

Working as a teaching assistant was definitely a new and challenging experience for me. Although the thought of teaching a class of sixty students scared me at first, I eventually found out how enjoyable the whole experience can be. I especially enjoyed helping students with their concerns and guiding them to better understand course materials. My experience as a TA improved my own ability to plan and prepare material ahead in an easy to understand and interesting way, which will definitely help me in the future both in and out of the classroom.

What was your favourite class and why?

My favourite course was ECON 5880, Special Topics in Data Sciences, taught by professors Matt Webb and Lynda Khalaf. The course challenged our knowledge of econometrics and coding and pushed us to be innovative in designing models. I have learned to think outside of the box when it comes to developing economic models, as well as apply the gained knowledge in real world problems.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will continue my studies in the PhD in Economics program at Carleton University.

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