Convocation is the beginning of a new journey for our students in the Faculty of Public Affairs.

After spending time with us, our graduates are entering the real world with a valuable skillset, along with a sense of responsibility for our society.

Their many experiences in university—whether academic, extra-curricular, service, or international—have prepared them for a life of informed and engaged citizenship.

I am especially proud that so many of our graduates have pursued an international experience as part of their degree. The University and the Faculty provide financial support for students interested in an international study, work or volunteer experience. We are also celebrating our first graduating class of the Bachelor of Global and International Affairs. Each BGInS graduate has an international tale of their own.

These experiences are part of how we carry out our mission in the Faculty of Public Affairs, along with a commitment to help build better democracy and better societies; improve governance and public policy; and help address regional and global challenges.

But there is only so much we can do within the confines of a university campus. Real transformation happens through our alumni, who spread out across the globe and throughout the workplace, sharing the knowledge and the values that make Carleton such a wonderful place.

I wish you all a happy and restful summer, and to our graduates, please stay in touch!

All the best,




André Plourde
Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs