Sometimes you’ll hear the argument that a degree in a subject like Political Science just isn’t practical.

But then I see the careers that our alumni with degrees in Political Science, the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, and the Master of Political Management are pursuing.

These proud FPA alumni are working across the government sector—whether federal, provincial or local. They are serving as elected officials at every level. And they are working in challenging jobs in a wide variety of other fields.

We discovered this through our Career Paths project, a research endeavor that looked at the records of more than 15,000 Faculty of Public Affairs alumni and categorized them by degree and job sector.

You can learn more about the specific findings from the project in our feature story this month.

FPA Election Night Party

Another thing we’ve discovered is that there are more than a few political junkies in the Faculty of Public Affairs. In fact, we have both students and alumni running for and working on election campaigns!

That’s why we’re so excited about our Election Night Party on October 21. We’ll be following the returns and hosting a discussion from a panel of election watchers from within our own Faculty.

You are invited to join us! Please click here to register and check out our events page for the many other exciting events happening in the Faculty of Public Affairs this Fall term.

I hope to see you there!

All the best,




André Plourde
Dean, Faculty of Public Affairs