The Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication is delighted to announce the creation of the Peter Mansbridge Emerging Reporter Fund—an innovative fund that will ensure aspiring reporters have the opportunity to gain experience, uncover important stories and tell truths for the public good.

Created through a generous investment of $100,000 from Mr. Mansbridge, the renowned journalist and broadcast news veteran, the fund will allow upper-year or graduate students in the Journalism program to pursue in-depth reporting and research projects on topics of governance and public policy.

“This fund is different from a traditional award in that it’s not a prize, but an investment in future journalism,” said Allan Thompson, Director, Carleton University School of Journalism and Communication. “Emerging reporters submit a proposal for a project they would like to undertake—and the fund helps them create excellent journalism and tell important stories that might not otherwise come into being.”

The School of Journalism and Communication at Carleton is interested in providing more opportunities for students to participate in public policy discussions. Students represent the future of Canada’s media coverage and leaders in communications on topics of national and global significance.

“This is an investment in raising the level of public discourse in Canada,” said Thompson. “We are grateful to Mr. Mansbridge for his commitment, and we look forward to the stories that will be shared.”

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