Mackenzie West, BPAPM

Being recognized for the Dean’s Honour List is an incredible feeling. Following the isolation of COVID-19 and the struggle of so many students like myself who have graduated in the midst of a pandemic, it brings me great pride to have been able to demonstrate academic success in my degree at Carleton University and maintain an average to place me on the Dean’s list for two years now. It is an honour to be among such amazing students from all specializations and backgrounds in the Faculty of Public and Global Affairs also achieving this honour.

I enjoy studying and engaging in my courses with close friends and classmates, many of whom are also Dean’s List students and have been motivated by the amazing professors, faculty and staff, making this achievement possible. The Dean’s List Honour is one I will never forget and will hold with me for years to come, being proud of myself, and thankful for the wonderful professors, friends and family who have helped me along the way.

Throughout my time at Carleton, I have learned that the diversity of our Faculty of Public affairs is unrivalled in its unique programs and one-on-one assistance with staff and students. I have come to realize that an important aspect of becoming a successful student is taking the time to engage with those around you. I would recommend attending your office hours or taking a few moments to talk to instructors about assignments, they are always willing to help.

In addition, organization is key! Learn how you specifically learn best; everyone is different so start practicing habits which help you in your day-to-day life and scheduling your study, class and personal time. Finally, give yourself time to breathe, university is stressful so carve out short periods of time to clear your head and do something you love!