Our researchers have access to data that’s not available anywhere else in Canada. From federal departments and policy makers to national museums and the Supreme Court, the wealth of information available can transform original research.

“Ottawa offers tremendous resources for researchers of history, social policy, social welfare and social work and several other subject areas. For several years I have had the opportunity to work with records in the National Archives and Library, the Library of Parliament, various government departmental libraries (when they still existed), the records of the Canadian Association of Social Workers, the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work, materials at CUPE National, and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), among others.

While I went to the National Archives and Library thinking I was a researcher, it really was the experience of working there that turned me into a researcher. The very nature of the archives cannot but instill in the researcher a sense of respect for the records that we have the privilege to engage with.” – Therese Jennissen, School of Social Work

“My field is defence studies, which is firmly rooted in the nation’s capital. I frequently interview high-level defence officals for my research and invite them to speak in my classroom, which is something you could only do in Ottawa. Plus, most of the defence conferences are held here, so I don’t need to travel.” — Elinor Sloan, Political Science