Audrey Tong
Master of Public Policy and Administration
School of Public Policy and Administration

What was your first experience in public service?

As a co-op student, I had the opportunity to work in the Specific Claims Branch at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), which deals with the historical grievances of Indigenous people. It was a really gratifying experience, and it inspired me to pursue a career as a public servant.

Why Carleton?

I was inspired to apply because it’s such a well-known program and it provides the fundamental skills needed to work in government.

You’re an evaluation analyst at the Department of Justice. How does your degree help you on the job?

It helped me get this position, especially through the training in management, performance measurement and evaluation skills.

I’ll soon be moving to the Department of Finance in a full-time permanent position, where I’ll be doing policy and economics work for the financial crimes division. I find macroeconomics fascinating and I’m excited to be linking it to policy on the job.

What advice would you offer students who are interested in a public service career?

Definitely get involved with student societies and organizations, which often reach out to alumni. I would also recommend getting involved with the Institute of Public Administration of Canada: there are a lot of opportunities to network with others. 

Any plans for your future career?

I’m from British Columbia, but I feel like Ottawa is home now, thanks to the networks I made with professors and alumni through the program. Down the road, I’d like to work in the executive level of the federal government.

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